Almost every Western corporation wants a piece of the Asian pie, especially China, the upcoming world leading economy. The Asia of today is booming with an endless wealth of opportunities. Its economic outlook remains as promising as ever, with its year-on-year growth rate registering a higher percentage than the rest of the world.

However, to many, entering Asia is like an almost impossible feat, a daunting mountain which seems inconceivable to conquer. Yes, as Asia is like a jigsaw puzzle where its pieces don’t seem to align perfectly. The East is a very vast region with immense complexities – a melting pot of disparate religions, races, languages, ethnicity leading to distinct cultures across Asia. This is essentially what sets the East apart from the West. Also, in Asia, one of the most vital prerequisite for success is “关系” (relationships). It is paramount to possess a strong network of contacts at all levels to make things happen and to finally attain success. Here at Olea, we are industry-savvy, well-connected and more importantly, we are situated right in the centre of Asia. We are well-harnessed with the fundamental tools to help your business succeed in Asia.