” You need a strategy, and a trade or investment decision can be evaluated only in the context of that strategy”. Aaron C. Brown

The stark difference between a good and a poor investment decision lies in one key factor – strategy. Very simply, if one fails to plan, one plans to fail! Success doesn’t just come knocking at your door. We at Olea Consultancy are highly-positioned to channel profitable investments both from the West into Asia and vice-versa. Upon our clients’ request, we source for the best opportunities for our clients. We draw up a detailed proposal after doing a thorough and in-depth analysis. We advise altogether from the negotiation through to the signature of the Standard Purchase Agreement to avoid any form of compromise on our clients’ interest. We pride our clients’ needs above all things.

Our areas of specialty comprise the following:
• Hotel acquisition (from sourcing for land, negotiation, legal, due diligence, Standard Purchase agreement)
• Hotel lease
• Travel companies incorporation and acquisition